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Great job on getting your assessment work ready to submit! Make sure you check back to your student welcome pack for full step-by-step details on how to submit your assessment work correctly. Whether you're submitting your case study clients or some pre-academy exercises, we require your work to be submitted in this way for the most efficient reviewing by your tutor in order for you to progress through your course seamlessly and head towards your certificate of completion. If you are unsure on anything, please get in touch with your tutor via email before submitting your work for review. We've included a little checklist below to accompany your folder updates within Google Drive. Don't forget - you must submit your client's details, copies of their forms AND photographic/video evidence of your work too. Once submitted, your tutor will be in touch with your review, they'll include some constructive feedback and a few signature tips too.


Please make sure you submit your assessment work carefully and correctly. For a reminder on how to submit your work properly, check back to your student pack from your academy day, or for pre-academy assessments (ie. SPMU Brows), check back to your assessment lecture.

Well done! Thanks for submitting your assessment - your tutor will review your work in due course and will be in touch soon x


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