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This Client Treatment Plan includes your client's personal details, a questionnaire to work alongside your consultation, as well as details of their suitable brow style and a checklist for your treatment procedure.


There is also an area to note the needles and pigments used, along with a page for their top-up treatment. 


This form is essential to work through with your client to ensure there is a record of your consultation and treatment notes. You should keep each client's treatment plans safe so you can refer to them at a later date when needed.

SPMU Client Treatment Plan Form

  • Download this form for use with your clients. All forms include your clients' personal details. They are a written record of your clients' experience with you from start to finish.

    All forms require both the technician and client to sign. For more information on what is included within this form and how to use it with your clients, along with GDPR and client data information, please refer to your Training Manual for Brows. 

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