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This box includes 10 pre-packed needles to fit the cartridge of the MAE Cosmetics Academy Illuminate microneedling device.


These needle cartridges are created to reveal beautifully glowing skin for your clients. Choose your preferred needle size and composition from the list below.


Further informtion on choosing the right needles for your work can be found within your Training Manual for Microneedling Skin Therapy.

Microneedling Cartridge Needles

  • Microneedling Cartridge Needles are for the sole purpose of microneedling skin therapy treatments and should only be used by qualified professionals for microneedling treatments. Improper use of needles can cause harm by injury. Contaminated needles can transmit infectious diseases and bacteria.

    You should only use Microneedling Cartridge needles with full knowledge of saftey procedures and ensure proper disposal.

    Further information can be found within your Training Manual for Microneedling, or get in touch with us direct. 

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